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Safe, secure and affordable fixed price web consults with qualified therapists looking to help you

How it works

On demand help for your daily stress, niggles, fitness goals, mental challenges and other health needs.

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Simple, fixed pricing

Affordable help. No complicated systems. No insurance required.
We believe everyone should have access to affordable, quality health care. We have fixed prices so there is no confusion or hidden costs.
Psychology (50 min) $119
Counselling (50 min) $99
Physiotherapy (25 min) $64
Exercise Physiology (25 min) $59
Easy as buying a coffee
Professional Telehealth Practitioners

Qualified professionals to help you

We have qualified Psychologists, Counsellors, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists & more
We ensure the quality and integrity of each professional, ensuring they are registered and have a genuine desire to help you.

Why Telehealth?

Feel better when and where it suits you!
  • While at home
  • While at work
  • While travelling
With the same experience and care as if it were in person.
Evidence shows that telehealth is as effective and can deliver the same level of assistance as face-to-face consults. No waiting rooms, travel time or extra costs.
Happy person on a telehealth consult

Got Questions?

Akero is an online health platform allowing you to access health services from qualified professionals. You can find Australian qualified health professionals that suit your needs, book an online consult and have a video or text session on your phone or laptop from the comfort of any location. 

Absolutely, more and more research continues to emerge showing that online therapy is as effective as face-to-face consultations, giving you more flexibility on where and when you get help. 

Whether it’s help with stress or mental health, fitness goals, a sore neck from too much time on the phone or other health needs, Akero is able to help connect you to experienced and qualified health professionals who can help you. We believe in making health accessible, affordable and available to everyone. 

To book an appointment simply click book now anywhere on our site to get to the booking page. Pick the service you are after and search for your best fit on our profile page. Click the health professional and book in a time on their calendar. 

You’re a good friend! Referring a friend to a therapist is easy on Akero, simply go to the health professionals profile page and click – Refer a friend to send an email to your friend. 

Yes, all health professionals on Akero are vetted to ensure they have current registration and appropriate qualifications from Australian education institutions. As well as having real world experience and a passion in helping people before they can get on the platform.