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How Akero Works

1. Pick a therapist

Select from our mind and body health experts looking to help you.
Pick the professional you would like to see, be it a Psychologist, Counsellor, Physio etc..
Browse through the list of qualified health professionals.
View their specialty and interest areas on their profile allowing you to pick the one you think will best be able to assist you.

2. Pick a time

Once you have selected your health professional, review their profile to see their availability.
Simply book in a time for your upcoming consult.
Or if you don't see a time you would like please reach out to us at and we'll see what we can do.

3. Web Consult

After you've booked in your appointment you'll receive an email confirmation with your log in link to the consult.
At the time of your appointment simply open the link. Payment of the consult will occur and your health professional will be there waiting.
You can choose to do the consult with video on or off, whichever is most comfortable.
Consultations can be conducted from any device; laptop, tablet or phone.

4. Continue to better health​

After your consult, you will be able to book in a follow up appointment if needed.
You can continue to work with your chosen health professional/s towards your goals of better health.