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- Our Story -

Health needs to be better for young people

Our journey had a sad start with the loss of a friend to Suicide at just 28 years old. That sparked a group of friends to open up about our own, ongoing challenges with our mental health.

We believe it's very important to genuinely open up about the challenges we face in daily life. This Increasingly complex and fast moving world Is not always an easy place to be in. Our research has told us in Australia alone, health challenges (in particular mental health) are on the rise, especially for young people!

In particular for those of us working in the healthcare space it really hit home. Something had to change.

Our healthcare system can be complex, hard to understand and is often expensive. As an industry, Healthcare is often still delivered as it was 20+ years ago, and this led to us to thinking, “How can we make something that is easier to use, more affordable and helps break down the barriers to getting help?”

With many of life's needs now accessible at our fingertips, we decided to build the first online health service across different health professions. Allowing people to get help when and where they need it.

Akero was born with the mission to connect people (health providers) helping people (you). Launched in 2019, we are building an accessible, affordable platform to help people mentally and physically improve their health, wellness and overall quality of life. 

Nobody goes through this life alone, we are more connected than ever in human history, yet today many people are feeling more alone than ever. Our aim is to prevent the unnecessary suffering that led to our friend ending his life, and use this ability to connect online, for ‘Good’. If we can stop just one person going down this dark path, it's a journey well worth going on.