Why Telehealth? | Akero
If you are experiencing a health or medical emergency, call 000

On Demand Health:
Making it simple

We believe in making health accessible, affordable and available to everyone and bringing health online can help do that.

Removing all of the frustration and time with finding the right therapist, to meet your needs, when you need it. We solve all of that making it easy to get help from the comfort of your home, workplace or anywhere in the world.

Is telehealth as good as face to face?

Research all over the world suggests that healthcare delivered online is just as effective as health care delivered in person, for a variety of needs. In some cases can be more effective by reducing stigma and barriers accessing these services for:

  • Mental health challenges e.g. depression, stress, anxiety
  • Exercise and sports rehabilitation
  • Diets, nutrition intake and management
  • Pains and niggles with education and exercise prescription

One or the Other?
Do both in-person and online health

At Akero we don’t believe in replacing the need for in person sessions completely. We work in the health space and do both in person and telehealth consults. 

Telehealth allows for greater flexibility to help people and progress their health service between sessions when it is not convenient to get to a clinic. 

If you are seeing someone in clinic but would like to also be able to see them online, let them or us know at help@akerohealth.com.au.